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Container and contents removed from inventory when logging back in - CRITICAL BUG
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Recently I had items from my inventory that were disappearing. Notably a plate carrier and the grenades, gun, and holster that were bound to it.

I've had this happen nearly 10 times since these recent patches. UPDATED see comments below appears affect ALL nested containers even those that can legit be nested with contents

The first time I noticed this happened all I knew was that a plate carrier I'd had stored inside my backpack was not there the next time I logged back in.

The second time it happened it also impacted a plate carrier that was in my inventory AS WELL as the crate that the plate carrier was inside inside my backpack (i.e. 2 layers of nesting this time). This second time I lost the plate carrier, all items on it, as well as every single item in the crate (nails, supplies, guns, ammo, etc).

Today I was about to log out with a plate carrier in my inventory. Rather than do so without confirming it was in fact on me I made a point to look at it. Just to make sure it wasn't somehow bugged I dropped it to the ground (from within my bag) and when I tried to pick it up again I couldn't. Somehow an item was inside the plate carriers storage.

That's when I recalled a similar issue I'd run into months ago where items I had would disappear only to end up being found later withing containers inside other storage. For example one time a gun I had thought I'd lost ended up in side a drybag that was INSIDE my backpack.

After asking around on my group's discord I found that bug had recently been fixed in 1.08.153276. In the release notes that bug was titled "Fixed: An issue with stacking items into items using swapping"

Apparently it was NOT fixed for all storage types. And apparently now the side effect is the item AND the nested containers it is in get removed from your inventory (not including the most external item such as the backpack). I am unwilling to try this a third time lest I loose a third plate carrier I also don't know HOW the item got there but I assume it is related to that recent bug noted in the 1.08.153276 patch notes.


I believe that's happening is somewhat related to a recent but that was fixed that allowed items to be stacked into nested containers (for example a dry bag).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Build 18363
Steps To Reproduce

See description. Involves plate carrier and bug "fixed" in 1.08.153276 titled "Fixed: An issue with stacking items into items using swapping"

Additional Information

This is critical. If items can get put into containers unbeknownst to the user and then deleted upon logging back in that is very bad. As noted I lost some very good gear (plate carriers) I'm most upset about the 5 grenades though...

With Shroud and Summit finally playing DayZ again the last thing the community needs is this happening to them and then the game getting a black eye.

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DaGreekGeek added a comment.EditedSep 5 2020, 4:09 PM

I've had this issue occur multiple times since logging this bug but with all sorts of containers. Yesterday I logged off and I had a dry _sack_ and a cooking pot in my inventory. The cooking pot contained food, the dry bag contained a patrol shirt. When I logged back in all the items inside both storage containers were gone.

I put an apple inside the pot and relogged but the apple was still there. I considered that it could be a server restart issue have something to do with this? However... An hour later the same character had the same dry sack, cooking pot, but also a hard case. Those items were full of gear (various). As I was hiking I got kicked for high ping spike (you guys really need to make that an average over 30 seconds or something). When I logged back in all those nested containers saver for the hard case - all of which can legit store items and be nested had their contents removed. This is a very bad bug and I suspect it's related to the aforementioned bug fix where items could be stacked (see main description).

I am getting very concerned that none of these bugs I've logged is getting looked at. May log a new bug. Shroud and Summit are complaining about some of these bugs and you will loose players as a result.

Will def log a bug for the high ping and other random kicks. The high ping should really be an average over some duration as my ping to the server is consistently 3-60. This morning when I tested ping a second after getting booted it was 40 so I have to question what's going on but more importantly push that this should be an average over duration. I'll log a bug but very annoyed that I lost even more gear including NV goggles and over 100 rounds of ammunition to this latest kick and inventory bug combo.

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