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lost 2 cars and inventory
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I just lost 2 cars on public server NL 3664713 near Stary Yar.

when I drove first one, screen just went black and speedometer showed 300+ mph. could not do anything but log out and back in. Car was gone, also 2 barrels that were in trunk. that was at coordinates ~ 5950/15150.

I took another car, when I reached destination, I couldn't stop engine or get out. All I could do was log off and back in. Car was gone, I spawned near where I started the drive. this one i lost at ~4900/15050. I spawned back in approx. at 6000/14900.


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Windows 10 x64
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Can you put cars back at location where they were parked before drive?

As you know cars are hard to find and fix, so I'm really pissed at you right now!

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Hello xcmd and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we do not reimburse items lost to in game bugs and we can not spawn vehicles or items in game. However, the issue you have experienced is known and has been fixed internally. The fix will appear in one of the future updates.

xcmd added a comment.Aug 4 2020, 8:46 PM

too little too late.

I'm done with DayZ and BI games in general.

probably won't appear on reddit, but FYI.

"I've been playing DayZ for like a year or so and I loved it (mostly), but enough is enough. I've tolerated all the bugs and hackers without complaints. This ends today!

Yesterday I've lost 2 cars due to bugs/desync. Today some group (of hackers or server hoppers) raid my base. I don't mind it if they would take all the stuff, but they throw all the stuff they didn't want out of crates (found all the stuff lying around) and dismantle half of my base.

fuck off DayZ, fuck off toxic community, fuck off BohemiaInteractive, it's on my blacklist from now on.

/rant off