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Ligthing/Shadows issues.
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The issue is ingame pretty much since post-process effects were forced on. It didnt only made FPS of some players worse but it made the game itself look worse with awfull HDR effects and other god rays. It was caused pretty much by changes in lighting (why?). These are screenshots from status report -

The second image looks way better and realistic, because it wasnt so bright shadows werent that much of a problem and that how they interacted with grass and bushes wasnt visible. Currently shadows look just super bad. When they fall on grass or bush that is moving it makes that pixelated and jagged effect and it really looks awfull in forrests especially. Also when buildings cause shadows the shadowed side of buildings is just as bright as the well lighted one is. It would be fine if lighting from 0.63 first stress test persisted. It started to look bad during 3rd stress test update (final one). You made lighting less bright and at the same time made all colors washed out during clear weather that it just doesnt really look any good. It was ingame since 2 years. That if you see someone on the range is RNG since everything is so bright, in 0.62 camo was a big part of gameplay currently its just fashion DayZ. At longer ranges shadows just arent visible because of that weird lighting, lighting changes made in that status report and HDR. I hate to say that but it makes the game pretty much unplayable for me, i cant enjoy something that looks like this, it really looked nice, realistic and crisp sharp at any ranges in 0.62 with a little bit of plasteline look to some clothes objects (that also looked nice). The grass was more affected by wind than just moving just to move (grass moves in every direction, wind doesnt matter anymore from what i saw) and wild grass looked much better, was higher and had better yellow like color. Also the same thing goes for ground textures, they looked nice, they had more of dirt look than lying grass look. Sorry for my english, hope you fix it anytime soon!


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