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CLE not working correctly - automatic loot cycling does not work regardless of the lifetime settings for items
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I recently switched hosting companies and had no issues with DayZ 1.07. On my server with the new hosting company 1.08 was released, so I installed a fresh 1.08 server. Turns out the CLE is not working correctly. After about a week of testing and back and forth with the hosting companies' support stuff we've determined the following, which they were able to replicate on their own servers as well:

The "lifetime" value for items in the types.xml file is being ignored by the CLE. This is not very apparently on populated servers, but on new servers which don't have an established population yet it is very apparent. What this means is that despite reasonable values such as 180 minutes for an item's lifetime, CLE is not triggered and the item remains in game indefinitely so long as it is not picked up. Server restarts did nothing to address this.

Previously, in 1.07 if I would log out somewhere and return after X amount of time all the loot would have changed so long as the specific lifetime values were exceeded. This has no meaning in 1.08 as items remain on the ground indefinitely until someone picks them up. May not be much of a concern for fully populated servers, but for new servers or people who play occasionally with friends this is almost gamebreaking. Noone wants to manually loot cycle.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. On a freshly installed, unmodded server go to a specific location and memorize and take not of the dropped loot and locations of the area.
  2. Ensure noone else can access the server at this time so they do not accidentally loot the items you took note of.
  3. Log out for at least 3 hours or modify the types.xml file for all the noted items and set the lifetime value to something miniscule such as 600 and restart the server.
  4. When logging back in, new items should have spawned at the location but instead the old items are still there.
Additional Information

As mentioned in my original description, a member of my hosting companies' support staff was able to recreate the issue on a fresh installed server, as was a friend of mine who also runs his own server.

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Geez added a subscriber: Geez.Jul 30 2020, 4:09 PM

Hello Daxos1.
Have you been changing the lifetime and testing it on items that were already dropped on the ground in the game? (For example, you had an item saved in the storage already, then changed the lifetime of said item?) As the lifetime is applied only to newly spawned items, old items that were present prior to the lifetime changes will not update their lifetime unless picked up.

Hi Geez,

What I did was install a fresh server. I didn't modify the default types.xml at all and only modified the server.cfg. I then logged in, wrote down the loot of certain locations. I logged out and came back a day later and the very same loot was at the exact same locations. Since this was a fresh install and I did not make any changes to the types.xml the original lifetime values should have been applied, which for most items I checked was "10800" or 180 minutes. However, a full day later and 3+ server restarts the same items were still on the ground

I also discarded one item in a random location which was *not* ruined and it also did not get cleaned up.