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In HandleDamage event handler, FuelExplosion reports instigator as source and objNull as instigator
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If Zeus remote controls an AI AT specialist and fires at a vehicle that explodes with a FuelExplosion, killing a nearby unit, that nearby unit will be told in its HandleDamage handler that it was hit by a FuelExplosion sourced from Zeus and instigated by objNull.

The event should report that the damage was sourced by the AI AT specialist and instigated by Zeus.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put down a NATO Hunter with a driver.
  2. Select the driver of the NATO Hunter and use the debug console to execute the following:
(curatorSelected select 0 select 0) addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { diag_log _this }];
  1. Put down a NATO AT specialist with a clear line of sight on the NATO Hunter.
  2. Remote control the NATO AT specialist and fire at the NATO Hunter to destroy it.
  3. Look at the .rpt file for your session and notice that there are a number of damage reports which identify the source of the damage as the NATO AT specialist and the instigator as your player character, but that the Fuel Explosion damage is reported with the source of the damage as your player character and the instigator as objNull.

Note that in my mission system, NATO AT specialists get MAAWS launchers. I have not tested to see if the behavior is any different with a Titan AT launcher.

(Alternately, use systemchat in the handledamage handler and look at the information in the chat area during the session)

Additional Information

This has an impact on my friendly fire detection code. In the described scenario, there is no way for the HandleDamage handler to spot the fact that the FuelExplosion was cause by the AT missile fired by the AI AT specialist. The only available information points to Zeus. In my system, all players will see a statement that the Zeus player performed a friendly fire act against other players when all along it was just supposed to be an enemy AT specialist taking a shot. It compromises the players' sense of immersion and can be somewhat confusing as well.

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