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incorrect water bottle weight
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water bottles say they weigh 1kg but is actually much more, I was at 80% stamina picked up a water bottle and it went down to 20%. Dropped it and my stamina went back up.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

put water bottle in inventory

Additional Information

I also observed this bug on SuperFTlol's stream

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Hello CYBERSTRIK3 and thank you for the report.
The issue is scheduled for a fix.

I'm having the same issue with canteens and bottles but I'm sure it's connected.

I should note that ever since the 1.08 update I'm only finding bottles/canteens that are partially filled (I think all have had 18% of their contents, maybe less). Previously all bottles were 100% full. Not sure if that's connected or if it's a new RNG draw for how much water will be in the container.

I tried to fill up an empty water bottle and a canteen and initially their weight was "normal" but it reset after a few seconds to the higher stamina drain. Not sure if this was a delay in stamina change as I've noticed that before as well.

Finally, one water bottle I filled up had contents of "Error" Drinking it did nothing. Not sure if the change to error was before or after I used Chlorine tabs (I only noticed afterwards). That bottle had near zero weight even though it was 100% full. Not been able to repro the "Error" contents state so far. Also not tried filling up the same bottles with gasoline to see if the issue is related to the type of liquid given the "error" state.