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Used magazines glitching out getting placed into the space where the gun used was in inventory.
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I'm gonna try to explain this situationally.
I had a MK II placed in my inventory higher than its' magazines. Whenever I used the mags up and reloaded, they would seemingly go back to those spaces where they were originally, but it would render those mags unreloadable and, when dropped, ungrabbable. When re-logging, the mags appeared in the space of where my MK2 was, and the mags worked perfectly well. Since then I've remembered to place my guns as low down in the inventory as possible, so my mags won't occupy the spaces of those guns they're used on.
This bug doesn't apply to mags which have their appropriate guns in their dedicated slots (Holsters and shoulders).
Verifying game files through Steam made no difference.
Game version: 1.07


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Put a gun higher in the inventory than its mags, shoot, reload, shoot more, holster gun, reload mags, see that mags aren't usable, re-log and see that the mags have appeared in the space of where the gun was, and the gun should be back in your hand again.

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I "think" this was happening to me, too.

Cant remember the exact repro steps. But it was with a pistol in 1.08 Vanilla yesterday.

My char was bugged. Before the relog was the magazine in my Pistol (and the char could not interact successfully with it -> reloading was an endless loop). After the relog my magazine was in the inventory.