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Bugs with watchtower buildings
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This is a form to report an issue from the PC VERSION of the game EXP VER 1.08.153228

If you leave some objects on the floor of a built tower, you will disappear or you will not be able to take them back.
Apparently it does not happen with all objects, for example leave a hatchet and disappeared, leave a pistol silencer and disappeared, leave a magazine of a usg 45 and I was visible but I could not take it again it does not happen with all objects leave drop a matchbox and don't fail, drop a piece of cooked meat and don't fail.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

build a watchtower and drop objects on the built floor, some objects will fail and some will not.

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Hello juanmaevil.
Have you checked the bottom of the tower or lower floors if the items are there?

Hello, if I check everything and there is nothing on the floors below they just disappear, try again with a 45 usg charger it looks but you can not take it again and a knife case also failed and something else that I tried and were the ones that disappeared was the lighter. Neither appear in the vicinity.

please look at the photos I send

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