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Zeus CuratorObjectPlaced event timing
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When Zeus places a crewed vehicle, the CuratorObjectPlaced event is apparently being fired as soon as the vehicle is created. The timing seems to be

  1. Create vehicle
  2. Fire CuratorObjectPlaced event
  3. Create vehicle crew

The difficulty comes in when the user's event handler performs a remoteExec involving the vehicle. The remote machine sometimes sees the vehicle with crew (about 90%) and sometimes without (about 10%).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce

I'm assuming that this is as simple as a code inspection or network traffic inspection to verify that the order is as suggested. This is pretty obscure stuff, but it may also be indicative of something more serious, so I'm reporting it. If you really need steps to reproduce the problem, I can work something up.

Additional Information

This pops up only when I Zeus place a group of vehicles with crew, such as a tank platoon or section. My event handler fires multiple times, once for each vehicle, remoteExecs to the server for each vehicle, and that script inspects the vehicle. Perhaps this is a message buffering issue.

It appears that the problem can be worked around by introducing a short sleep at either local or remote machine, allowing the crew creation messages to get sent before any scripts act on the placed object. I don't know if the workaround will function in a busy environment, but it will work when the remoteExec goes to a local dedicated server.

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