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Invisible barriers that prevent travel to certain areas
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I have come upon four instances/areas where there are invisible barriers that do not allow passage to certain areas.

  1. I encountered this barrier east of Saroye. It runs SW to NE, from the southern edge of Saroye (I was not able to enter the town) and I ran along the edge of it in a NE direction. It ended just south of the deer stand SW of Dolina.
  1. A continuation of 1, there is a barrier that I encountered traveling S on the dirt road that heads S, located W of Dolina. I encountered it just N of the military installation NE of Staroye, and it ran WNW. In the open field W of the deer stand NW of the installation, there was a wedge I got stuck in and had to backtrack towards the deer stand and head N to get out/away from it.
  1. Traveling S on the road, from the Topolka Dam. I encountered a barrier N of Elektro, around the area that the power lines cross the dirt road, that heads SW from the main road into Elektro. It prevented me from heading W and forced me to head into Elektro. I was attempting to reach the water pump located W of Elektro, but wasn't able.
  1. I was located SW of Novoselky and encountered it on the outskirts of the town. It was approximately running in a N-S configuration.

  1. I have experienced two encounters with spontaneous flight, NE and SE of Gulgovo. I would launch in the air and land, with my health reduced until death. I am not sure if this is related to the barriers, but my character has not taken flight in the above 4 cases.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

#1. reproducible with exit of session and entering again, multiple times. Left the area and returned, after server restart.
#2 only encountered it once
#3 remained after exiting session and entering server again.
#4 only dealt with once

Additional Information

all instances occurred on official server DAYZ US 3664323 hosted by

1, 2, and 3 happened when trying to return to area of occurrences #5.

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Definitely a huge glitch area S of Black Forest, E of Guglovo. Shakhovka is not included. Just went SE of Guglovo on the road. Just past the intersection of the road the heads S to Kumyrna I started flying again, until death.

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