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ingame VOIP not working, my microphone is working
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This is SOLVED.

ingame VOIP not working, ppl and infected don't hear me.

To play Dayz you need ingame communication to work.

let me try and skip some steps, mic is working and dayz recognize when its in use.

microphone privacy settings:
microphone access for this device is on
allow apps to access your microphone is on
choose which microsoft apps can access your microphone - none selected
allow desktop apps to access your microphone is on

Dayz Exp - last accessed 16-05-2020 01:41:07
Dayz - last accessed 16-05-2020 17:17:52

firewall has 6 instances of dayz allowed (see screenshot)

this bug happens on dayz experimental ( and in dayz NL 3663909 , it has worked on both servers before.

I had an online meeting using microsoft teams and had to change camera and maybe microphone settings, after the meeting i put both camera and microphone settings on of, but realized i needed some app access to my microphone and put the above access on.

Since the microphone settings has been toggled, I have no ingame voice. I hear other players, but they don't hear me talk.

I have since updated everything that needed to be updated, validated files (twice) and then re-installed the game (twice), still the same bug!



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Windows 10 x64
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toggle microphone privacy settings

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nn_spam created this task.May 16 2020, 6:13 PM
Lex added a subscriber: Lex.May 17 2020, 12:07 PM

@nn_spam Hi. Try the following steps
When the game is running, minimize the game to the taskbar:

  • right-click on the speaker in the taskbar
  • select "open sound options"
  • follow the section "device settings and application volume"
  • select a DayZ game, assign audio input and output devices for the DayZ game
  • expand the game window, exit the game, restart the game.
nn_spam added a comment.EditedMay 20 2020, 11:09 PM

@Lex thanks you very much, I got it working now :) I followed the steps, it's called a little different in windows 10 but I got there.
If you need to help more ppl with windows 10 here is what its called in windows 10:
In windows 10 'open sound options' is called 'open sound settings' and 'device settings and application volume' is now 'app volume and device preferences'

I don't see an option to assign your anwser as correct or to give you credit, but it worked, once again thank you :)


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