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Old Man cannot load save game
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I've been playing Old Man for a few weeks now with no issues. Today I had to load a save game and the game froze on the load screen and crashed to desktop. I was able to get a previous save game working, saving and reloading periodically to check to see that it was working. Eventually the problem persisted once the save game file size became greater that 225mb in size.


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Windows 7
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Game Crash
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I would play until the save game was over 225mb save and reload and the game would freeze and crash upon loading the save game. I would go to the save game file location, replace the savegame file with a file smaller than 225mb and it would load just fine. Once I played for a bit, saved the game, the file would become larger and would not load.

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I have similar issue with saved game file that is 223 MB, but on Windows 10 x64. Error code is 0xC000041D - STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION
I previously had same error code and took every step i could to resolve it including clean install of arma but apparently the issue was with either bandicam fps counter overlay, or ryzer synapse, or daemon tools. One of these (bandicam probably) was corrupting my saves making them impossible to load even with no 3d party apps loaded. When i disabled those 3 forementioned apps i could play without errors till today.
I was able to pinpoint the moment problem emerges to the point of two save files, few minutes apart. In one i'm standing on the pier looking at the motorboat 20m away. This one loads perfectly. In another i've already swum to the boat and took driver's seat. I didn't move anything, didn't started or completed quests, didn't start the boat engine, didn't changed my inventory. I aimed to make as little changes as possible, still second save gives 0xC000041D crash.
I have those two save files and a crash report if needed.

UPD: now I have 228 MB file that loads without problems

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