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Stashes Dissapearing - despawning - Old Man
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Playing Old man Scenario, and ran into this bug,
On the south-west island, if you drop something into a stash and go away (let's say 400m) when you retrun, the stash has dissapeared.

It happens on both stashes of this island. Tested on mainland and Harcourt (south-east island), no problem.
I had to fast travel for 30h to unload 3 vehicles fully loaded of stuff to harcourt.
(Then had the crash load bug later, fortunately I found an earlier save which is worked well so far, then I didn't seen it at first but it came with a tiny freeze every second after the gendarmery blowout then some gameplay hour later, this freeze was unbearable like 5 freezed over 30) -
Anyway, I decided to rollback where everything was fluid (the fuel depot attack) then I dropped stuff in the stash, and... Dissapeared again !
Well, I'm aware of that now but I lost real hours to overcome this problem at first. I'll just avoid getting stuff from this island.

Oh by the way, is it normal than you get 1+e011$ of cash needed after reaching the 2nd level ? ;-)

No addon, sleepbag save mode.
SaveGame available if needed


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Windows 10 x64
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Drop something into those stashes, get some phonecall reputation rewards, get away, et voilà.
Didn't tested without no reputation change yet.

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Does this happen even after the hotfix?

I can't say because "hotfix" didn't solve the problem of CTW when I load a saved game. So, first I was waiting for a real correction.

Reloaded old save, tested, same thing happened. I won't restart the game from start for this btw.

On the southern island, In Doodstil at 129047 and at the Safe House from 109047 (south of Harcourt) the stashes disappeared. New game, no old save-game.
And in Safe house south of Vagalala 109093 on the main island, the storage box disappeared burning under my eyes when I teleported.

Even on the big island they disappear, like north of Tanouka, at coordinates x9450 y10975. Someone steals them.
Now seriously, I think when they are spawned in crowded places, they are destroyed. Maybe the "this allowdamage false" parameter should be entered. In any case, disabled damage to stashes and storage boxes is required.
Thank you.