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Suggestion: remove the (wooden) elements within the windows
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In DayZ the windows in most houses are pretty small. Even worse are those wooden elements within the window. It makes it difficult to see through the windows as it usually has the same height as your characters eyes. It also makes aiming through the windows difficult and it also gives problems with the new feature that presses your gun to your body when aiming and colliding with an object.

We know it is impossible to adjust these windows in size, as it won't match the size of the house then. However, I would suggest to remove these wooden elements. This makes looking and aiming through the windows much easier and also reduces issues when aiming with your gun. In other words, your character does not press the gun against its body each time your aim over this little wooden element. It also enhances indoor pvp gameplay, something that DayZ is lacking in my opinion.

See the image below to understand what I mean with wooden elements (No idea how to call it otherwise):


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Windows 10 x64

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Amadieus created this task.Apr 12 2020, 2:34 PM