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BIS_fnc_transformVectorDirAndUp rotation issue
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I've just seen the new BIS_fnc_transformVectorDirAndUp function on the development branch and found an issue that some objects have the wrong rotation when using this function. I spawned the object "Weapon_hgun_Rook40_F", copied its rotation values from the 3DEN editor and the function returns incorrect vectorDirAndUp. It seems yaw works perfectly however pitch & roll does not work correctly on some objects. I have made sure to negate the values from 3DEN editor.


Not Fixable
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce


  1. Open 3DEN editor.
  2. Place down the object "Weapon_hgun_Rook40_F" in any rotation.
  3. Copy yaw, pitch, roll values from the attributes menu. Remember Z = yaw, X = pitch, Y = roll.
  4. Run the following script with above values,
private _yaw = 0;
private _pitch = 0;
private _roll = 0;

private _object = "Land_PipeWall_concretel_8m_F" createVehicleLocal [0, 0, 0];
_object setPos ((screenToWorld[0.5, 0.5]) vectorAdd [0, 0, 1]);

private _vectorDirAndUp = [nil, -_yaw, -_pitch, -_roll] call BIS_fnc_transformVectorDirAndUp;
_object setVectorDirAndUp _vectorDirAndUp;
  1. Object should spawn with different rotation than in 3den editor.



As you can see from the video, the first object "rook" does not have the correct rotation however the object with just yaw works perfectly. I suspect there's an issue with roll or pitch values.

Additional Information

I believe this function was made by @BIS_fnc_KK

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I removed the wiki entry as there is only coincidental correlation with 3DEN values

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