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Large Tent in Hands Duping on Logout
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Upon picking up a large tent, leaving it in my characters hands, and logging out, it seems the tent was cloned. Item may have dropped after my character had seated itself for the logout timer. The full timer was observed. I frankly wasn't looking for the item, but listening intently as I logged out. I did not see a clone, but I'm told this is very similar to what sometimes happens with weapon magazines. I did not log back in, and I went on my merry way in RL. However, a batteye ban the next morning alerted me to the potential problem, and Discord discussion with server vets from DayZ Underground alerted me that this is the likely culprit. As I have 2700+ clean hours of play since 2014 and day 1 of owning the game, it should be evident I'm not one break down and hack. Hard mode is good mode. Thus, this problem is sincere if it is leading to bans and apparently related to methods of duping magazines. I've not been able to reproduce this due the ban, but magazines have been cloned by others. The word is that the magazines clone more easily without ammo, but not something I've been able to witness in game.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Leave large packed tent in hands with weapons on both shoulders.
  2. Log out after character sits and wait for full timer.

I have not been able to log in to see result.

Additional Information

Ping on DayZ Underground swings by 50 - 60 ms on each refresh. Possible desync. EG Ping is 52, then 110 on refresh using DAYZ launcher.

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Hello CoyoteBlue.
We do not issue any bans for in game glitches occurring. If your account has been banned through Steam (not just a local server ban imposed by specific admin of that server), then you will have to reach out to the BattlEye team as they are responsible for handling and issuing bans -