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Can't talk in game
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So, I have one player on my server thas has VoIP no longer working correctly after patch. She did could talk after the patch, but she then rebooted her PC and poof, ability to talk disappeared.
Her mic is working on Discord and other apps, she has it as a default recording device on Windows, Confidentiality settings from Windows allow to use microphone, and this thing is showing that the last access made by DayZ was yesterday 6:55pm (Paris Time).

What we tried :

  • Complete reinstall of the game twice (one before reinstalling audio drivers, one after)
  • Deletion of .xml files in Documents/DayZ
  • Deletion of dta & addons folders and verification of game
  • Setting correctly the good mic in audio settings and disabling other recording devices
  • Updated Windows

Worth noting there is nothing from Firewall/AV side, and she's not using Discord overlay. We also tried running DayZ as admin. She's using a laptop with a jack socket.

Let me know if you need anything.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

No steps to reproduce, happened after a PC reboot.

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GrosTon1 created this task.Mar 4 2020, 5:56 PM
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@GrosTon1 Hi. Try the following steps
When the game is running, minimize the game to the taskbar:

  • right-click on the speaker in the taskbar
  • select "open sound options"
  • follow the section "device settings and application volume"
  • select a DayZ game, assign audio input and output devices for the DayZ game
  • expand the game window, exit the game, restart the game.