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Gunplay problems.
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There are so many gunplay problems currently and fixes done to them i can count on fingers of my one hand. Every single gun is weightless, doesnt matter if its a pistol or a mosin. Mosin used to be a powerfull rifle that was used by freshspawns or to hunt because of its low dexterity stat and low rate of fire. Now its just some COD sniper rifle you quickscope people from 500m with ease while holding breath. Only way i see it fixed is making ADSing a little slower (the whole animation of aiming, not some kind of delay) and adding back effect called ,,dexterity". Also sniper round should spawn in smaller stacks than AR rounds like it was in alpha. Another problem is low recoil on lar, its .308 automatic rifle not BB gun. Rest of problems can be found on reddit I know its old but nothing changed other than sway (that should scale with weight of character i think) that is too high to lets say snipe, 0.62 had that much sway after 5km run.


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NakedByo created this task.Mar 3 2020, 10:26 PM