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Modded weapons causing client & server crashes
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Modded weapons, no matter which mod pack, seems to be randomly causing network bubble client crashes when fired at/in area of and is seemingly only effecting the higher-damage weapons (those using modded ammunition that are higher powered I.E. .338 Lapua Magnum, .408 CheyTac, .50 Cal BMG, and others) from what I've experienced and what players have reported. This has only occurred since the 1.07 patch and produces no error, just crashes clients straight to desktop. The reproducibility seems to be at random, but all have common events leading up to the crashes.

Also in relation to modded weapons, since the 1.07 patch, there have been mass amounts of server crashes that only effect servers when they are highly populated (Seems to be on average 60 players and above) happening about every 45 mins to an hour after server restarts. Removing modded weapons seem to help resolve the issue, but this wasn't an issue in 1.06. As a weapons-pack developer myself, I've troubleshooted, done plenty of tests, have had professional modders thoroughly comb through the mod (noticing no issues), and have even completely gone through and redone the mod pack itself (all configs, scripts, asi's, & P3D's) and still no luck in fixing the issue. I have a theory it's an issue basing weapons on the original base classes (Rifle_Base, Pistol_Base, BoltActionRifle_Base, etc.) which has seemingly worked fine in previous stable updates prior to 1.07. I have yet to test if switching over to basing it on existing weapon class-names make a difference, but as in it has worked in previous patches, I don't believe it should be necessary to do so. If I do acquire the time to do so, I will report back to this ticket on if it made a difference or not. The reproducibility seems to be pretty consistent on timing and only effecting higher-populated servers. These crashes do not produce any useful information in the server crash logs & RPT's, as I have been keeping track with every single crash. Only errors that are shown in those logs are related to inventory manipulation

It has been a headache to figure out what the issue is, but after all the testing, I believe it is more than something I and other modders have done. If this could be looked into, that'd be absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!


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My personal weapon mod relating to issue #2 is WeaponExpansion, with WeaponExpansionRollback being the MOST RECENTLY UPDATED mod for testing the issues. The test mod can be found here

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Hooty added subscribers: Geez, Hooty.Mar 1 2020, 6:42 PM

Can confirm. Mod works great until player pop rises and was fine in 1.06. Tested all guns in mod under 30 players worked perfect once pop got higher and retested server crashed. @Geez

Gilni added a subscriber: Gilni.Mar 2 2020, 10:35 PM

Can confirm. Bullets with larger then Vanilla caliber have a good chance to crash clients whenever they fly through the players network bubble. Comes also into effect when pop is low but then happens less likely