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Missing combat features.
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The combat features i miss the most either from 0.63 or 0.62 are vital organs damage system (more skill based and fitting DayZ) dexterity (diffrence in rotating with diffrent guns) and broken bones. About dexterity first, I think you should implement some primitive version of that feature just to see how people would react (0.62 dexterity with little bit of changes to fit pacing of 1.07 more would be perfect). Currently guns feel weightless and that little dexterity effect while ADSing isnt visible at all, it should be more visible and affecting how guns handle and also it should work while hipfire aiming. Pistols are garbage, they arent only guns you can hide in your clothes anymore, they deal funny damage (that should also be changed) and dont have anything better than rifles so dexterity would make them a little more usefull. Now about vital organs. They are just so amazing concept that is connected to broken bones really well. As Peter said in status report, if health of limb would go down to 0 limb would be broken. Also time to kill, sniping, overall balance of guns was amazing back when vital organs were a thing, that was the time when streamers like Shroud or Summit really played DayZ and liked it because it was both realistic and skill based. Currently its a joke of a system, i havent seen more generic and boring damage system in any game. Even 0.62 damage system was better because shot that literally barely touched the body delt less damage than center mass hit. 7.62x39 deals same damage as 5.56, bullet velocity doesnt affect damage, everything is left how it was in 0.63 but one thing that was really cool about combat back then was removed. I get why 7.62x39 was dealing same damage as 5.56 but why does it currently? Neither of those guns has one shot potential to bare body so why would they be left with same damage. Please dont behave like people think you behave or game will die.


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