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The big tools stucks in hands
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Windows 10
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Windows 10 Pro
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When you put big tools like hatchet, shovel, building light, or anything big except weapons in hands, there is big chance that the tool will bug, and you will be not be able to put the tool in your inventory, or even drop on the floor. Also, there is a huge chance that the tool will bug in your inventory, and you will be not able to move it in your inventory (it doesnt matter is it a backpack, hoodie or pants).

Also, if you had a tool in your hands, put it in your inventory (Backpack in example) and took a weapon in your hands, the weapon will shoot, but there will be no damage at all (Tried that on wolfs). After that i leaved the server, joined instantly back and there was no wepon in my hands. There was a hatchet, whick i tried to put into backpach at the beginning.

Additional Information

Dayz 1.07

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Hello Pengquin.
If you come across more accurate production steps to produce this issue, can you please let us know under this ticket?

Yes. So its happening every time you try to use or move a big tool. Lets take in example the big axe.

  1. Take the axe in your hands
  2. Put it into your inventory
  3. Then try to move it in the inventory somewhere in cloathing or backpack or even a tent or a lootbox.
  4. It will move, or will not. If its not moving, its still taking the space of the inventory (If you try to put another loot in the boxes where you tried to move the axe, you will be not able to do it because it shows red boxes (The inventory is occupied by the axe) but the axe is still in the first position. Sometimes, the axe dosnt work at all. I have hit zombies with it, but nothing happes.

After that, i have put an axe in my inventory, took a shooting weapon, did couple shots and the shots wasnt counted.
If i will try to drink or eat with this bug ON (Before relogging), the drinking animation stops in the very beginning, and it is impossible to drink or eat.

If i will relog with that bug ON with another item in my hands, in the main menu screen there will be an axe in my hands.

Also, the building lamb and the cable reel isnt working properly. Sadly i cannot describe what is wrong with them, but in short: When you connect the cable reel to a light, or vice versa you will be not able to do anything with them. They will be in your hands, and thats it. You cannot place them on the ground (The animation goes to the end, but nothing happens). You also cannot drop them off by pressing G buttong, and you cant put them in the inventory. The only thing you have to do is relogging.

This is also experienced on modded server, and i will test it on official server later on.