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"Spider" or "Spaghetti" hands every time the client crashes
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Your hands and boots in the game looks like spaghetti


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Pro
Steps To Reproduce

When the Dayz client crashes (Happens 99% of the time, because the exit button in the main menu makes Dayz crash and close immidiatly) next your log in into the server makes your hands look like they are spaghetti. You can not use any weapond, because when you take them into your hands, they are right in your neck aiming on the other side you are looking at at the moment.

This happens every single time the client crashes, and 99% of the time when i press "exit" button on the client main menu screen.

Additional Information

This problem is fixable until next client crash by deleting c://Documents/Dayz folder. But you have to accept battle eye licence and change the game graphic and control settings again.

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Hello Penquin.
Do you experience this issue on modded / community servers or on vanilla unmodded servers with unmodded client as well?

I have experienced this on modded servers. Havent tried on official servers yet