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Sensors and devices for the prevention of vehicle accidents.
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Cars have all the necessary sensors and devices to prevent a vehicle accident.
The main devices of the control panel:

  • a device for cooling water temperature (in the game, the device shows the water level)
  • engine oil pressure device (there is no device in the game)

Main motor devices:

  • scale of the cooling water level min / max (it is not in the game)
  • engine oil level scale min / max (it is not in the game)

These four devices make it possible to maintain the motor under normal operating conditions and to avoid a motor accident.
Any deviation from the norm of the first two devices should make it necessary to check the second two scales.

I found this drawing on the Internet

The figure shows a dubious diagnosis of a vehicle malfunction by secondary signs of a motor malfunction. Secondary signs (steam from the engine and black smoke from the exhaust pipe) may appear after some time of operation of the vehicle in poor operating conditions - this is if you do not pay attention to the four main devices and sensors (which are absent in the game).

The game has a cooling water level sensor, but it does not inform the player whether the cooling water level is normal or abnormal.
In a game of motor, you can pour motor oil, but the player does not know how much oil is in the motor, or how much it needs to be poured.

There is an engine malfunction indicator in the game, but there is no way to prevent such a scenario or troubleshooting steps.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1909
Steps To Reproduce
  1. The player has no idea about the devices - is the vehicle ready for normal use
  2. Immediately after a bunch of the motor, the Player receives secondary signs of abnormal operation of the vehicle - steam from the engine compartment (water can get 100 degrees after some time of the motor).
  3. There is no engine oil level.
  4. There is engine oil pressure, but it assumes only an accident, not providing information about low or high pressure (it diagnoses only low pressure and oil leakage).
  5. There is no information about the sensors of vehicles in the help section in the main menu of the game.
Additional Information

Find and question the opinion of a person from the development team who has his own vehicle, who is well versed in the readings of the vehicle’s devices and in diagnostics.

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