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Most of vital organs dont work currently/combat issues.
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I've tested that most of organs dont differ with health or blood damage compared to non organ hit to chest. Is it intended or not? I would like to see them working but its just my opinion. Also from what i checked 5.45 seems to deal more damage than 5.56 when wearing plate carrier, is it 5.56 damge or armor pen nerf that wasnt in patch notes. Some guns are stupidly strong but some are absolute garbage. .45 and smaller rounds dont kill with brain shot to bare head (they should tbh). Also they dont deal as much damage to be good even when shooting in the chest. Every gun should feel powerfull, even 9 mil pistol (.380 and 9 mil are pretty much same rounds so why 5 dmg diffrence?). I think every gun (not .22) should have 2 one shot potential spots, heart and brain. It would reward better players and make game less predictable. Also 7.62x39 should have higher damage than 5.56. AKM and LAR should have higher recoil for sure, LAR like 3x and AKM like 2x. Also taking guns from back should take little longer and animation should look a little more detailed just to let people react in hostage situations, currently not even full second is too fast.


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