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Config setting "reloadTime" does not work as expected
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"reloadTime" does not work properly. I noticed that certain completely different reloadTimes (eg, one 60% lower than the other) could result in the exact same rate of fire in game. Without proper function, it will not be possible to simulate a large number of weapons.


To test weapon rate of fire setting, I created several inherited versions of MP5K with reloadtimes of:

350 rounds/minute = 0.171
1000 rounds/minute = 0.06
1200 rounds/minute = 0.05
1500 rounds/minute = 0.04
1600 rounds/minute = 0.0375
2000 rounds/minute = 0.03

When testing the results, the values between 1000-1600 rounds/minute (reloadTime = 0.06 to reloadTime = 0.0375) had zero effect, all these weapons all seemed to be limited to approximately 889 rounds/minute.

Despite having values from 0.0375 to 0.06 there was no difference in the observed rate of fire. I checked frame by frame video and observed sound file as well. The fastest of those weapons should be fully 60% faster rate of fire than the slowest, but the setting had no effect here!

However, on the two weapons with values 350 rpm (reloadTime = 0.171) and 2000 rpm (reloadTime = 0.03) appeared to fire at (more or less) the specified rates.

Config'd vs tested rate of fire:

350 rpm 299
1000 rpm 889
1200 rpm 889
1500 rpm 889
1600 rpm 889

2000 rpm 1799


Operating System
Windows 7

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I did additional test and weapon with supposed 1700 rpm (reloadTime = 0.0353) fired at about ~890, the same as described above.

But weapon with 1800 rpm (reloadTime = 0.333) fired at about 1800 rpm.

Obviously I don't expect to have working minigun-type firing rates of 2000+ rpm. But if values as high as 1800 rpm seems to function in the game, so should more reasonable values between 900-1700. Many weapons have such values (MG-42, MAC-11, Kriss Vector, etc etc etc). So it's important this bug is fixed.

Please fix this. Fire rate working properly on weapons is of utmost importance for variety and especially modded guns.
If every gun shoots at the same RPM, there is no variety and no unique feeling to any gun.

In my eyes the severity of this is Major. Firerates being locked points to a flaw within coding, who knows what other issues that may be the root of?

Kind of disappointing to see that this was not fixed and the fact that they adapted all the vanilla guns to this "mechanism" speaks for the fact it won't ever get fixed either