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Inventory bug exp 1.7
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Hello guys I was just playing experimental today and I found a new bug regarding inventory slots but this time in my own bag. I don't remember quite well but I think I was carrying a torch (by the way I LOVE the new night darkness) and without any previos sound a pack of wolves started to attacking me. So I dropped the torch sacred as fuck and press the quick number for my USG-45 then I changed to my ak 74u (also using the quick bar) and consequently my USG instead or going back to my back where it was before, it went directly to my bag (a 90 slot bag) I killed the wolves and then I noticed I had the usg in my bag so I picked up and put it at my back. That action marked those slots in my bag (where my usg was) as red when trying to place something else there. But I was able to place my usg in the same position in the bag, but was the only item I could store in those slots. I close the game and rejoined and then everything went back to normal again.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

use quickbark to put an usg automatically in my bag (when I was carrying it in my back) then remove it and you won't be abe to fill those slots whit other items.

Additional Information

experimental 1.7 official Livonia server

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