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Bullet damage issues.
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Gun damage in DayZ is bad currently (i didnt check was anything fixed in 1.06, i tested everything on 1.05). That how high TTK is and how few guns have one shot potential is funny. I think in gunplay of DayZ thing that should matter the most is positioning and tactics not that who has better gun (they should help but there shouldnt be diffrence where one gun kills on 5 chest shots and other on 1). Viral organes (the damage system from 0.63) were really good, one thing that would need to be changed is that limbs take dmg (not high but up to 8 shots with any gun would be good). Plate Carrier should block one bullet of higher cal or 2 of pistol rounds and helmets should stop a bullet of any assault rifle and weaker. I think with adding viral organes back there should be rotation lag added (in 0.62 called dexterity as one of gun stats), taking stuff out should take like a second longer (it would help with interactions), taking gun into hands from back animations should be more detailed (currently there is a lot of clipping and its too fast) and broken bones should be added.


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