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NVGs turn off by itself
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Hello guys, I'm not sure if this problem has been reported but just in case here is what happened to me yesterday. I was in the middle of the forest at night with my NVG on, and suddenly it turned off. I checked the battery and it was at its 70% of energy, I actually removed it from the NVG because I knew that there's a bug that doesn't show the actual battery's energy level. So it was confirmed that the energy of the battery was not the problem. thought it was at random moments when it turned off but then, I repeat in the middle of the forest, I heard a shot nearby. I run away from that part of the forest and the NVG stopped turning off for a while, but later it turned off again, to my surprise some seconds after that, I heard two grenade explosions nearby. So I wonder if the NVG'S bug is not a matter of player proximity instead of a random bug. I hope this report at least help you guys to solve this problem.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce

Using NVGS at night with players around.

Additional Information

PC LIVONIA official servers