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"Combat Pace Toggle" and "Walk/Run (Toggle)" issue when player has no weapons.
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When carrying no weapons, pressing "Combat Pace Toggle" or "Walk/Run (Toggle)" will cause the player to enter the walking speed, however if one is pressed and then the other is pressed, you then need to press both keybinds sequentially to return to the jogging state. This is very confusing, especially for new players who might accidentally double tap C and then press control+c, and then press one of the keys to try to return to the running state, but are still in the walking state.

It doesn't make sense why the "Combat Pace Toggle", which doesn't put you at the walking speed when carrying a weapon (does slow you down a bit, but is definitely not down to the "walk/run (toggle) speed), while that keybind does slow you down to walking when carrying no weapon.

To fix this, ideally the "Combat Pace Toggle" key should do nothing when carrying no weapons, much like how the "Toggle Raise Weapon" key does nothing when carrying no weapons.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play as a character with no weapon equipped
  2. Press the "Combat Pace toggle" key and then the "Walk/Run (Toggle)" or in the opposite order
  3. Press just the "Combat Pace toggle" key or the "Walk/Run (Toggle)" key and notice how you are not returned to the running state.
  4. Press the other keybind that you didn't press and notice how you will be returned to the running state.

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Cyprus created this task.Dec 6 2019, 10:20 PM