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AI_bliss.pbo - Unable to join server(s)
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I returned recently to the game when I heard of the new update/DLC (have not purchased). Updated my install of the game as of December 3rd I believe - tried to join a few servers and I was getting an error regarding ai_bliss.pbo file. I thought I was initially getting an error that said I didn't have the file/it was not found (similar to this ticket ) - however now I am getting the error return as "Client contains PBO which is not part of server data: [DayZ install path...]\bliss\addons\ai_bliss.pbo"

I use the launcher, but have no mods installed (I initially installed a few, was having trouble getting them to update/sync, so I removed them/didn't bother).

This makes the game unplayable until you find a server that works (through trial and error). I have not tried to delete the file as I was getting errors related to it NOT being there prior - so which is it? Do I need it? Or am I not supposed to have it?


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Windows 10 x64
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Certain servers consistently give me this error - I can't determine the factor(s) involved in reproducing.

I join one of a few servers (with or without using launcher - all vanilla/un-modded servers that I have tried) - I get kicked. Simple as really. It seems to happen with quite a few servers, but I have been able to play on certain other ones.

Isn't this partially what you have certain staff for? I would love to provide as much information as I can - but I have no familiarity with how the files work outside of launching the .exe and editing config files YEARS ago for view distance/graphic settings and the like.

Additional Information

Beyond annoying having to suffer through a load screen (let alone as long as it is (I am running some old hardware from ~2011-2012, can't blame the game entirely, heh)), just to get kicked. Very annoying trial and error just to play the game. I make sure to favorite the servers that DON'T immediately kick me so I can actually play the game I paid for. I'd probably consider the DLC if the game was a hair more functional. That being said, it's come a hell-of-a-long way from when I first bought the game/started playing initially. I am clearly not alone, quite a few people seem to be having issues related to the file 'ai_bliss.pbo'

Attached is the version of the ai_bliss.pbo file in my DayZ folder

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Same problem here. Selected “launch without mods” from launcher and both ways give the same error

Allantheking added a subscriber: Allantheking.EditedDec 8 2019, 9:08 AM

This is because some server hasn't updated correctly.
when the patch was released the server software omegamanager didnt download the bliss folder and that is fixed so it does now (server owners).

so server owners have to make sure they've got the bliss folder