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Spawning in random locations because of anti cheat measure
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I hadn't played for months, first server I join hits me with the penalty for ghosting/combat logging. I end up continuing to play, meet my buddy, and the server restarts after 45 minutes of playtime. I join another server and i'm hit with the penalty time and random location again even though it was a server restart that caused me to log out. My buddy spawns one random place and I spawn right next to pavlovo military base, server went down almost 4 kilometers away in a house in novoselky. I died, lost months worth of progress and loot because of it. any time I join a server, even if its the first time I play that day, I get the time and relocation penalty. The relocation penalty is way to severe even for ghosting/combat logging, let alone for when it bugs out and screws over any player for no reason. This is a complete immersion and game breaking bug that prevents you from ever even trying to team up with somebody. Yet despite this game being so obviously broken you have put the game out as a 1.0 after all this time even though its still nowhere near finished as of 1.06 and continues to degrade, but the degradation is accompanied by "new" features and a paid DLC map. Imagine charging people for DLC on a game that isn't even finished to a playable point. Its poor development, and poor service to the costumers who bought the game. FIX YOUR SHIT before you start charging for more content.


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Windows 10 x64
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Log in. Get fucked

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The relocation penalty is intended to be applied every time you change a server. That is the intended state and works correctly. The only time you should not get a relocation penalty is when joining to the same server as you were previously on.