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Mark's game crash in Editor.
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I play Arma 3 on Steam with some mods installed from the workshop, all highly popular and trusted. I play in Editor and it is the only mode I play. My game crashes whenever I do a action for a vehicle specifically mod vehicles, vanilla vehicles work fine, its is not always the same action that causes it to crash. Actions causing the crash include getting into a vehicle, opening a hatch, applying thrust to a vehicle or changing camera views in a vehicle. I had issues with Arma 3 about a year ago, however yesterday I decided to repurchase it and give Arma 3 another chance however, I am deeply saddened and disappointed to not work again on me. Could someone look through my Report Log, I was able to obtain and decipher what the issue would be, Please help! Thank you.


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Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Version 1903
Game Crash
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No specific vehicle or action, just has to be one that isn't vanilla. Only occurs when I do a action for it such as getting into a vehicle, opening a hatch, applying thrust or changing camera modes. Purely random.

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