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Add the possibility to mod enum
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That's would be amazing to mod enum, the modding would just add at the end of the enum.

That's would be perfect to have the RPCs compatible for every mod, right now it's not possible due to this.


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NiiRoZz created this task.Nov 20 2019, 11:59 PM

Nice idea, but there will be a big problem that could cause some great mess. If you have an enum and set the first Value to 1, the second will be equal to 2 and so on. Now Imagine you have multiple mods adding items at the end of the enum and you have different load orders on the Client and Server. Some RPCs would go to the wrong direction and the whole thing blows up

Then maybe a game which is supposed to be able to be modified shouldn't have enums used in a way which makes modding hard or borderline impossible.

I found this ticket while searching for a way to introduce a custom disease and I realized that I'd probably have to implement a new modifier but these use enums from eModifiers.

So what can I do to get around this other than making up a random integer and hoping that it won't clash with any other mod or future game update doing the same thing?

There should probably be a mechanism which lets modders register their own "things" (agents, modifiers, you name it) without having to think about conflicting IDs at all.

Extending core game mechanics in this game is IMO way too complicated at this point.