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RscTree, type = CT_TREE, multiselectEnabled = 1; No way to identify multiple selected items.
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Unlike Display/Dialog listbox control, that provides a 'lbSelection' function to return items selected; there is no similar function for the RscTree control when 'multiselectEnabled = 1'.

tvCurSel only returns the currently selected item, and any items; multi selected using [CTRL] Click or space, or [SHIFT] Click, cannot be identified.

If there is a secret/hidden command that is not listed on the Biki, please let me know what it/they are.

If multiselect is not currently fully implemented, please let me know so I can stop my search for a solution.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Create control type = CT_TREE, with multiselectEnabled = 1.

Populate control with items using tvAdd.

Display control.

Use [CTRL] + Click or space to select multiple items.

Use [SHIFT] + click to select range of items

Additional Information

Whilst it is possible to track items clicked when using [CTRL] via EH's, due to the fact that onKeyDown and onMouseButtonDown do not always report the same state of _shift, it is not possible to successfully track [SHIFT] + clicks.

Any additional advice on how EH's could be used as a solution, are welcome.

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@BIS_fnc_KK Appreciated the Acknowledged status, but what does that actually mean for this case?

  • Is this a bug?
  • Is this a feature not fully implemented?
  • Is there undocumented methods to control the feature?
  • Can EH's be used to simulate multiSelect methods?
  • Can the 'colorMarked', 'colorMarkedSelected', 'colorMarkedText' be identified or manipulated via script?

I would very much like to use the CT_TREE MultiSelect feature in my current project, but my project is currently stalled until I know the status of this feedback. The design and implementation of my project will require drastic re-thought, if I become limited to only using Multiselect List Boxes, or single select CT_TREE.

Any information feedback, will be greatly appreciated.

This means that the report is filed in internal system about missing functionality i.e. inability to get multiple selected items, that’s all.

OK, thanks for your reply. Doesn't answer any of my questions, but if the report is awaiting a full evaluation from internal personnel, then I guess the wait is anybodies guess. I will continue my POC (proof of concept) using EH's and see how it goes. I assume from your reply though, that CT_TREE is not fully functional for multiselect in the current version and watch this space. Cheers

Note to file :

Type: Public
Build: Stable
Version: 1.96.146114

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