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DayZ is Broken
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Dear BI Support,

  I have spent about 30 minutes trying to cut 3 different thickness of trees, thickest, medium, to thin such as the trees you can use for cover in a fire fight size to an apple tree size, and all to no prevail after 10 minutes each. Then, zombies came at me (usual DayZ game play) however, when I brought my Fire Axe out to start melee attacking the zombies, my UMP-45 (fully modded by the way and wasn't the first time I have lost a weapon from switching, but it gets "better") just vanished as well as my Fire Axe doing absolutely no damage or anything to zombies. No flinching or anything, just hitting them with a paper fan basically. The only thing I could do to attack them was to bring out the CZ-45, or whatever it is, Pistol, and literally melee them with that because the bullets weren't even registering. Then spend 30 minutes retracing every position (Which was normally a 30-40 second slow paced walk from my log in position, no distance at all in other words), to find my UMP-45 fully gone. Not in the only two buildings, nor the three trees I have switched off of it nor in any surrounding area in a 50 meter radius of the trail (Which I have never been past that distance). All in an Official US Server. If the developers want a new map for DayZ, they should fix the game. Heavily debating uninstalling and telling my friends to skip purchasing it and moving to something else like Rust or 7 Days to Die. I have been an avid player on DayZ and have dealt with glitches before, but this is about the last straw. Please... Fix this, or reimburse my gear, or just refund me my money and I will have everyone I know to refrain from buying this. I have believed in this game far too long, for a good couple of years, for this to be happening this badly. Please help me and fix this, because I do not want this game to die but recent reviews I have read show otherwise... :(



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Windows 10
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Usually able to reproduce the weapon disappearing, but nothing else has been happening until the Livonia DLC was being released to test servers, which I have never played on. Everything else seems like it will be a recurring problem at this point but I do not want to keep playing after this just to waste my time.

Additional Information

The only time I have had weapons disappear were from switching in my inventory to something else, or switching something on the ground such as a can of food or beverage to consume to keep me going at full status. However, every time I have tried to cut a tree down, it has been to no prevail. The only things I can get are branches to make spears/fishing rods with, but no logs/planks.

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Quidifur created this task.Nov 18 2019, 9:25 AM

@Geez please you need to do something about it, it pretty annoying