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Cannot find servers, neither officals
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I start the game and he says there are no server(even official servers). I try to connect to a community server with dayzsa and he says different version of the game.

I already checked if I'm trying the beta VERSION, and it's not like this. It says that I'm not trying any beta...I don't even have the options to try the beta. Just automatically setted to "no one".
I tried to reinstall the game and it didn't change the problem.

Actually I cannot play the game happened few days ago, I don't know why.
I tried to check the folder of steam where the games are installed, Before reinstalling I tried again to check all the files(thought it doesn't visualize I need a patch).

Please help because I cannot play actually nowhere seeing this is an only online game!!


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
the last update
Server Browser Steam
Steps To Reproduce

Start the game, can't find any server neither officials.


Additional Information

I recently bought arma 3 and xr500 netgear gaming router.


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Hello N3c0L4s.
Have you tried to verify the game files in Steam and then remove the configuration files when prompted to do so to see if it has any effect on the issue you are experiencing? Have you tried to re-install the game? Also, are you certain you are not trying to connect to the experimental servers that run on a different version from the stable? There are two clients in your Steam library, one is for the stable version of the game, while the other one is used for the experimental version.