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Game crashing "0xC0000409 - STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN"
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I know i probably won't get any help because people from here will just say that my pc is just too old but i've actually found a fix and also a pretty big error which is really bad.
So i've got some time ago new SSD Drive to which i moved dayz with help of steam and afterwards the game was crashing every few minutes of playing on any server in every possible spot and situation.
Trying to reinstall it and clear all caches didn't helped but what helped was moving it back to my old HDD drive on which it goes back to shitty fps but it doesn't crash.
I'm not hoping for any kind of help from what i expierenced from bohemia and stuff but i just would like to know if you know anything about this problem ? why is it there or is there anyone that had the same thing?


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1803 Pro
Game Crash
Additional Information everything that's needed is in these files on this topic i guess.

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Have you verified your game files, turned off antivirus besides microsoft's built in .. checked for spyware with a free spyware scan ? updated your video drivers, checked your computer memory for a bad stick if you have more than one.. if u only have one.. buy a new one, borrow one compatible from a friend.. and if it doesn't meet minimum game requirements it maybe too old ..since you didn't post specs here

but the thing is the game works on my main drive where the steam is and my system is, it starts crashing after i move it to second drive ssd where only my games are. i checked files , downloaded the game again , antyvirus always off,no spyware or anything ,drivers updated ,memory working and if you want specs here : Gt540M 2gb ,6gb ram ,intel inside i7-2730 2ghz with 4 physical and 8 logical cores .

And man believe me that this is old but the game runs on it ,something is happening when i move it to other drive and then it starts crashing there like it was missing some stuff. literraly in one file it says that the server started terminating my game process.

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Hello zjarany813.
Please upload the crash dump files from the occurences - they are located in
The folder is hidden by default, so you will have to enable hidden files and folders in Windows in case you haven't done that yet.
Also, please keep in mind that you are using non supported hardware and therefore it is possible the issue will not be resolved.

The same problem, after installing the game on the SSD disk, the game started to crash. It worked on the hdd disk.