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Weapon magazine glitch and disappearing items.
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I noticed in the last few days my characters weapons started glitching my two baby KA 74s were glitched because of the magazine not coming out or not even being on the weapon even though I logged off with a loaded weapon. It makes the weapons that suffer this glitch useless and I had to throw them out. I also noticed that when I would log off because of a glitch or because it started freezing and logged back in some of my items would be missing. I lost two 3 pistols, 8 magazines for both pistols and KA 74 mags, as well as ammunition and it glitched my last two weapons being my SKS and SG5K leaving me with no weapons because of the constant magazine glitch and my stuff straight up just disappearing.


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Windows 7

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Mauriey created this task.Nov 1 2019, 10:13 AM

I just wish this game would work like it should for the amount of money we paid

Kean__1 added a subscriber: Kean__1.Nov 1 2019, 4:10 PM

I would have these issues too. Someone told me about reloading mags into weapons via the combine option from you inventory ("O" on PS4) vs. the magazine change button (triangle). On a fresh character it has been working great. I have not had any glitched mag issues since.

I'm saying this for two reasons.... 1) to give the OP a possible workaround and 2) to let BI know the issue may be related to the reload shortcut. Either way, it needs to be fixed like so many other bugs people have to try and find ways to work around, etc

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Mojojo added a subscriber: Mojojo.Dec 27 2019, 10:12 PM

I lost 1 SK and Shotgun and Vaiga today, just disappeared, loged out, loged in, no guns

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