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Floating H-Barriers in Outpost North West of Drimea that overlooks Zaros Bay (Map: Altis)
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The title says most of it all. There are various floating H-Barriers in the outpost North West of Drimea (in the map Altis).
This is by far more prevalent on the H-Barriers more to the West/North West side of this said outpost.

IMO this could be solved by two ways (or a bit of a combination of both): either slightly moving this outpost EAST (enough so that the Western H-Barriers stop floating. But also NOT TOO MUCH, so that the Eastern H-Barriers don't start to float themselves). Or to slightly elevate the terrain under the floating H-Barriers (and to some extent also fences) so that the ground touches the bottom of the H-Barriers.


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Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce is to simply to go towards the location and look at the H-Barriers (specially the ones towards the western side of this outpost.
Disabling grass can make it a little more easier to see this.

And NO, I am not talking about when you look at an object 3 km away, when the terrain is all in very low resolution! This can be seen even less than about 10cm away from the objects in question.

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