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Visual and gameplay issues of 1.05.
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The main problem of DayZ currently is bad visibility while Ambient Occlusion at max settings (it was better in 0.62 and first versions of 0.63). Other visual issue is that we cant set gamma lower (higher - understable you want balance) but why wont you let us set gamma lower than it is? I think ambient occlusion should be reverted to how it was in 0.63 beta update (content update 2) and gamma bar should have max gamma the current one and it would be great. There arent many gameplay issues for me but lower cal guns should deal more dmg, limbs should take much more dmg, headshots should be insta kills if no helmet with every gun (if has helmet then one bullet <7.62x39 blocked). We should be more rewarded by accurate shots (one taps would be good reward) and shooting should be harder (nerf hold breath, add little bit of sway, add gun dexterity/rotation speed back). There isnt a chance for crossplay so always PC can have harder gunplay than consoles.


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NakedByo created this task.Oct 8 2019, 4:21 PM