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Guns Disappearing
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Hi I logged out 2 nights ago and had an ak 74 and an m4 in my inventory and when I have just logged in now I don’t either of the guns both the ak 74 and m4 are gone and aren’t in my inventory I’m really annoyed about this to be honest as it isn’t the first time it has happened to me


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Please reply to me and resolve this issue please as I have paid my money for a game that is clearly broken and every time I find a gun it disappears from my inventory

We‘ve all been scammed with a unfinished game.

They don't read the xbox part of this website but they sure do reply to pc

BI doesn‘t give a damn

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Just lost my nvgs in a similar way. I was bugged(couldn’t fill canteen) logged in a bush. When I re-logged my canteen was gone my nvgs where gone my helmet was back off my head and god only knows what else is gone lol. It is pretty unreal how they won’t patch these simple but absolutely game breaking glitches.

Same just happened to me, lost m4 that took ages to find. Joke of a game that I’m really thinking about giving up, any game suggestions of similar?

It’s so rare that I die in a gun fight, it’s always some glitch and when you don’t die you lose your loot.

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Enable the mouse and keyboard function on the First game screen of the game like fortnite, Sea of ​​thieves, Paladins. pls(Xbox one)

The problem is that they are hackers who get into accounts and get into games, they use very rare commands. A friend told me that many of the tricks we can get around here

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Yeah, ps4 here and finally found an ar. Been having hella desync and got kicked from server last night. Re logged today my fully geared character was wiped. SMG, shotty, sk, and ka gone.