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not all versions of chemical device are available in all expected places
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This is based on the development version 1.97.146039.

While there are 4 versions of the the chemical detector shown in the assets list in the editor, they are not available elsewhere.

For example when using "Edit Loadout" on a unit in the editor only one of the chemical detectors (ChemicalDetector_01_watch_F) are available.

Only the above mentioned version is available in the arsenal after adding all versions va the BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo function.


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other variants of Chemical Detector are props without functionality so that it's the reason why other variants are not in arsenal.

Regular props like the laptop etc. cannot be put into the inventory of the player, the Chemical Detectors without functionality can. I can put them on the ground in the editor and pick them up later in the game. So it seems natural that if you can put a object into the players inventory, you can also select it from the arsenal, for example as a "misc item".

These objects can be very useful to script things like "if player x has object z in his inventory, then he can do y".