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Game crashing when driving cars
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When driving any car weather it be the Gunter or ada or ogla your game will crash and God knows where you and your car will be it happens all the time with any car I'm on xbox one orginial playing on a private server version 1.04 there was stuff in the trunk likes tires, tents, and loot l.


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Xbox one orginal dayz 1.04
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Get a car (any car)

Make sure you put time into building it.

Get nice and comfortable make sure you run halfway across the map for car parts to

Then once he finally spent an hour getting the car built get in and drive it around

Then out of nowhere all your hard-earned work for the last 2 hours will just be gone

Additional Information

This happens everytime in any car on any server all day everyday cars crash the game and make it unstable please remove all cars and car parts till you fix this issues

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