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Confusion about heavy attack key binding
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In experimental 1.05 there is a key binding called "Heavy Melee Attack" or maybe it is just "Heavy Attack" (sorry I'm away from my gaming computer right now).

I mapped this to the down arrow key. I expected this to be the key to hold down to give me a stronger but slower melee attack when punching for example. But it seems like this key is actually the key that swings your firearm ("weapon bash") when you have a raised firearm in your hands.

It turns out that I can do a "heavy melee attack" but it happens when I hold down my sprint modifier key while punching.

So either this is a bug or maybe the "Heavy Melee Attack" key binding has the wrong label. Maybe it should be named "Weapon Melee Attack" or something similar.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Map "Heavy Melee Attack" to say the down arrow key
  • Raise your fists
  • Hold down the down arrow key
  • Punch with left mouse button
  • Observe your character perform a normal melee punch instead of a "heavy" one
  • Put a weapon in your hands
  • Raise the weapon
  • Press the down arrow key
  • Observe your character perform a melee strike with the weapon

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Hello Gremmie and thank you for the report.
There is an indeed an issue with the weapon bash key bind being named incorrectly in the configuration, it is a known issue and it is scheduled for a fix.