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Server lost connection to host and despawned a full sea chest
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Server rest/ lost connection to host I was organizing a sea cheat with ammo, gear and a few tools to total up to 100 slots and spawn back in with the few things I was trying to move in my inventory and no sea chest anywhere to be found. SERVER NY0036


Operating System
Windows 7
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Everytime the server loses connection to host it takes items usually little things but this time a whole sea chest that was full of gear not impressed

Additional Information

Game is wack, scrolling through items is bugged af, backpacks cant see what's in the whole inventory, stuff that I put in dry bag/sea chest dont stay and if I put items in there after taking something bugged out what ever I just put in is lost like wack, how can someone justify looting and stuff when the biggest way to lose your stuff in this game is cause it keeps bugging out

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Turns out basically all my tools were in that chest to build up the base more and it's not the first time it happens and frankly I gave the game a second chance cause of the update but clearly a waste of time, games a lost cause especially when you have to worry more about the bugs taking your stuff rather then a player or zombie

I think it is a technical issue so this is why server connection is down or not working. You should check all things or again do work from the starting. If your work is not solved so don't take any stress and just hire the technical expert of the best assignment help that is also work in this field and I hope they will help you in your problems.

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This server problem usually occurs when your network provider reset the network settings. So, it's not a difficult problem and you can call the network provider and ask about the help with online coursework so they will check and recognize the problem of low server connection. If the problem still exists then you should call the network technician who is the only one that can help you with this problem.

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