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Unplayable due to connection issues
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I've been having issues with the game since every 5-20 minutes of gameplay I always get a peak of lag/connection issues that make my character unable to interact with doors/objects etc... Also all the zomebies in the game suddenly stop moving and im unable to hit them whilst I still lose health as if they were invisible. Also when i reconnect my screen is still showing the loading screen while my character is in the world and I've died several times this way. With all this stuff im unable to play the game and it's really frustrating since I just bought it after a long time of this game being in my wishlist. This issue has happened in all servers i tried, official non-modded and modded comunity servers. I usually played in a comunity server where i got help from their admins but we didnt manage to find a solution to the problem. Also I've checked my internet connection several times but havent found any issue with it (90Mb/s download and upload).

I wish to hear from you soon,
best regards


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Official and comunity modded servers:

2. play normally 20 minutes
3.Suddenly unable to interact with enviroment and zombies stop moving.
4.I still lose health as if i was getting hit by zombies I can't see
5.Try to log out and retry.
6. Usually character is dead by this point due to loading screen lag,
7. If im not dead the problem will appear again after 5-20 minutes.
Additional Information

The modded comunity server I play has the following ip:
name: [ESP]Apocalipsis

To enter this server i use the DZSA launcher with all mods verified. Thanks to the admins we saw that our screens showed different things at the same time, I'll post the pictures here.

Player view of the first zombie
Server Admin view of the first zombie
Note that the player has 1 item in his right hand in the admin view but not in the player view
Player view second zombie
Player inven second zombie
Here i can't equip neither the backpack or the rags, and at the same time the admin saw the backpack equiped on me but didnt see the rags anywhere.

Also my internet connection is wired and stable at 90 mb/s of download and upload:
Internet speed

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Do you have a router?
Does your internet connection also get affected outside of DayZ when this happens?

No, I use wired connection but got help from the support and they solved it.
Had some corrupted files plus duplicated copies so I had to uninstall everything and install again (classic solution that worked the 3rd time).

Thx for the help!