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Add a way to store data into map object in database
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Hello, would be really amazing to be able to store data into a map object in database. Like house currently storing door state. That's would be really interesting for :

  • Save inventory of map object ( currently not working ). If I want to add an object to my custom map with inventory, currently his inventory will not be saved.
  • Ability to make a barricading system, so you can save the current barricade state on each window.
  • Ability to make an interior system, where the object is spawned in the house to enhance the current environment, and saved in db. So it's persistent.
  • Ability to save damage state on map object. So can be persistent during restart. Like if a window has been destroyed or not, or a wall has been destroyed, or a building that has been destroyed


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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