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Arma doesnt start up fully
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I have a problem where my arma launches and everything the loading of files and more... And then when the game opens it's stuck on black screen it doesnt work with our without mods have reinstalled arma and more things done but cannot find a solution. please help

my rpt:


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Windows 10
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I have tried all common solutions but non of them helped me.

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I was helping Flix on Discord, we tried the usual culprits like ensuring drivers are up to date, verifying game integrity, etc.

Note: Their game was working before the latest hotfix patch to Arma (v1.94.145977).

As the file is a known issue with black-screen on startup we also deleted those in %localppdata%\Arma 3 folder and check the profile folders for their existence also, this made no difference.
On the first game start after removing the files they were stuck on the BIStudio logo on startup, successive startups returned to the black screen issue.

Since we tried all the known 'fixes' for this issue I directed them here for further assistance.

rpt doesn't show any clue what can be wrong in your case. Could you please try switch to devbranch and try if game starts there?