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Gameplay Downgrades
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All of this downgrades will be based on 0.62 - 1.04 diffrence.
1 - Taking gun out/changing guns animations. They got so much worse in 0.63-1.04, i know they are supposed to let player move in every direction but that how bad it looks and how clipping it is is awful.
2 - Recoil is too low and looks too bad from 1st/3rd person (non ADS). In 0.62 the thing where we could see kick from gun was start of barrel (that was realistic). Now whole gun (player hands too) appear to be jumping after gunshot by sometimes tiny ammounts (that doesnt look that bad) but sometimes its bigger ammounts and it looks just funny. The recoil overall is too low, should be 3 or 4 times bigger than now.
3 - Lack of dexterity on guns (that how fast guns can follow camera). Now all people loved it but it added weigth to guns and made them feel like something more than just gun from game. If it would be a little improved and less drastic it would make game far better in therms of gunplay.
4 - Position of gun in FPP (looks bad while looking up or down). I think guns should be backed off to where they were. This 2 screenshots from 0.62 and 1.0 should show it perfectly (along with poorly shadowed newly added building)

5 - Stamina problems. Stamina in 1.04 is making gameplay less interesting and more annoying (why? Clicking shift again every 20 seconds isnt fun at all) I think it should be either long thermed stamina (like refilling on stamina takes 5 minutes while sitting but lasts for 25) or no stamina but character would be just slowed down by weigth (results would be the same but clicking shift every few seconds with 2 cm stamina bar is far less fun).
6 - ADS, hipfire aim, aiming from sprint, changing guns, all this animations should be slower. Now it simply doesnt work and combat is chaos.
7 - Jumping animation look bad and character jumps too far, please change it while implementing vaulting, that far jump is no longer needed.
8 - Mele weapons should deal more demage to head (it would make it at least a bit skill based).
9 - Loot should be more rare. Low quality clothes should be more common to find as well as some tools like hammers, nails, compasses, binoculars... Food should be rarer, low quality guns should be more common, there should be more low quality mele weapons, ammo should be rarer and should spawn in smaller stacks, mags should be rarer (the more casual players will play on modded server with boosted loot anyway) That much loot as it is now is making game boring and items worthless. There is no more gear fear in 0.63<, players dont care about their gear anymore. Less common high quality loot should make each loot route unique because not every time we will get gun we want or vest that is best. Sometimes player should go to airfield with hoodie hoe and sporter with chambered round, happy of the route he want trough (thats also reason to slow down players, now walking speed isnt problem time to get to airfield from electro got literally halved).
10 - Some items/guns should be unique to some loot spot (lets say M4 only tisy or NATO helis).
11 - There should be added ability to switch crosshair to dynamic. (static - better spray, dynamic - better accuracy)


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