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Hotbar causes Frame drop again (READ FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING)
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So Basically I noticed today that whenever I now put any primary weapon (M4 for example) and mags for it, when I press the number I have that weapon set to (usually i'll have my main primary in 1 and two mags in 2 and 3) and the game drops from 45 FPS to 10 FPS no change until the animation stops, now usually i'd think it's just my computer but i asked someone else to do it it happened to them as well, it also happens when you change or remove a mag from the weapon, i made sure to check to see if equipping from my inventory did the same and it didn't, it ran at 45 FPS constantly, it only happens to primary weapons and mag's in your hotbox, doesn't do it to pistols/melee/other items, only primary weapons (snipers, shotguns, SMG, Assault rifle ETC.) I don't quite know what is causing it as it could be a mod most likely but if it isn't i thought i'd bring it up, this isn't that important for high end model PC's but for low end's like me it can cause our games to freeze when a zombie is nearby which would kill our characters


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
whatever is most used
Steps To Reproduce

set any primary (i'd try using either the VSS or the M4A1 because those are the weapons i usually use) and have 2 mags for them both, make sure you have a FPS counter up and stuff
put the primaries in the slot 1 and the mags go into 2 and 3 and simply watch the fps counter if your using a very high end computer as you may not notice the drop unless it goes 10 FPS on all PC's, and simply try to equip a weapon from those hotbar slot's and watch the FPS incase it drops or not

Additional Information

if it's a mod then i have reason to believe it is the mod "base roof's" or something like that i will begin my experiment after i post this

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Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jul 19 2019, 11:32 AM

i've figured it out, basically it's when you have a lot of gear in your inventory (at least a filled up backpack) i remembered you guys talked about how loot is stuck in a 3d model in the inventory so perhaps whenever you go to equip a item/change mags with the full inventory it refreshes the inventory UI to show that the gun you have in your hands (or just put in your hands) is no longer in your inventory and it reloads all the 3d models of all the stuff currently in your inventory